JM Medical Spa is a beauty center specializing, exclusively in Post-surgical treatments, service and care, providing our clients comfort, security and above all exclusivity. We provide a personalized service in the treatment of post-operative of plastic surgery, offering patients professional treatment, all of this with the most advanced technology in this market.

We are an exclusive brand within this area for Post-operative treatment in all the Caribbean.

With our service we complement our patients care, offering cozy treatment and making him feel like family, with 20 years of experience in the post-surgical treatments of plastic surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation, this has led us to advance across time and break barriers to go so far as to have in our hands the highest standards in post-surgical care.

We have a highly trained staff, attending to all the needs here at JM Medical Spa. Our structure of the plastic surgery recovery Spa, allows us to welcome our referrals and/or clients whether they have or have not already had their operation, to receive the best treatment by this personnel experts on Post-operative treatment.